The first thing anyone new to Instagram learns is the essential role followers will play in the success of their efforts on the site; which is why the option to buy instagram followers often arises.

Instagram is a fast rising social media platform; over the years this photo sharing site has made serious gains, proving more than capable of contending with those older more cemented giants in the social media field.

As such it is only natural that anyone interested in building their brand, either for professional or personal purposes would strive towards mastering Instagram as a social media platform.

However even those most experienced marketers that are tackling social media, and especially Instagram, for the first time, understand the difficulties involved with attracting a sizeable following.

For one thing, there are so many people on Instagram, each of them fighting to get their voice heard that actually standing above the crowd is a near impossibility; more importantly though, social media users are often driven by a herd mentality, one that impels them towards pursuing those entities on instagram that already enjoy massive amounts of success.

This is the reason the option to buy instagram followers is gaining such momentum; if popularity essentially attracts more popularity, with large followings only attracting even more followers, then the opposite is also true.

There is something about small followings on instagram that scares potential followers; where large followings basically attract curiosity (everyone wants to see what all the fuss is about), most instagram users tend to translate small followings (or even zero followers) as a lack of quality.

In this regard one couldn’t be faulted for turning towards the option to buy instagram followers, because the social media landscape is essentially skewed towards those already successful individuals.

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One question always emerges when the topic of purchasing instagram followers arises: Is it cheating?

The large majority of individuals that give this option a wide berth honestly believe that it is either wrong or illegal, and that couldn't be further from the truth. Buying instagram followers isn't cheating. It is a shortcut. Where one might inject numerous hours into availing the most entertaining content possible, another will choose to instead invest their hard earned money into a company that promises to deliver reliable and stable followers.

Does that make the process unfair, then? After all, while one works to organically improve their following, you have men and women around the world simply buying their way to success.

Anyone that believes this notion fails to understand the time and effort involved with this approach. Buying instagram followers merely provides your account with the numbers required to attract the curious eye of other users.

In other words it transforms you into that trend that people will flock towards just so they can see what all the hullabaloo is about; however those companies that provide instagram followers for a fee are not responsible for maintaining your following or even growing it.

At the end of the day, once they deliver the followers (and in the process allow you to attract even more followers), it is up you, the account holder, to keep them entertained, which will require that you inject as much time and effort as everyone else to keep your audience interested

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